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Our People: Creative, Experienced, Principled, and Reliable

Recognizing the contributions that people can bring to projects allows for teams to be greater than the sum of their parts.

At Syrinx we encourage participation and feedback so that different sets of eyes and different ways of handling opportunities will prevent people and projects from becoming stagnant, blocked, or disfunctional.
The paradox of success is to be both stubborn and open-minded; stay on course to the completion of the project but be open-minded during the process.
The uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light
Our people have incorporated all of their life experiences to better able contribute to teams and interact with others.

  • All education can prove valuable provided the environment encourages growth and insight.

  • All experiences have direct applicable benefits for moving forward.

A rock solid foundation of education and experience contributes more to success than does an ocean of knowledge of only an inch deep.
The habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside of one's knowledge
Our expertise is the ability to function in any environment and contribute to any team regardless of environment, office culture, or enterprise processes.

We do not over-complicate things in business that would ultimately end up pushing people away and thus losing our credibility. At Syrinx we are not afraid to share our knowledge and we take pleasure in contributing tremendously to a company's overall success.
It's commonplace to make the simple things complicated. Real value is making the complicated things simple.
Somewhat perplexing and difficult to deal with.
Whether it is for one particular problem requiring a solution, one project requiring assistance or a particular proficiency, or a company requiring ongoing expertise our people will successfully step into the position required.

The confidence that comes with knowledge and experience ensures that execution of activities leads to strong decisions on which future successes can be built.
The most dangerous way of making decisions is to put those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price and bear no responsibility for being wrong.
There is no move you can make which won’t make your situation worse. Similarly, there is nothing you can say which won’t make you look like an idiot.
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