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Presentations and Other Things

Some Examples
Wow! Never Would Have Expected That!
We would be remiss if we also didn’t mention some of the other capabilities that Syrinx Enterprise Ltd. can bring to an organization.

On occasion there has been a desire to be different or unique when presenting plans or ideas. Generally, these presentations are prepared for viewing at different times and in different venues. But sometimes there may be a desire for presentations to simply “spice things up” apart and different from the “standard” old fare.

Corporate Presentations, Project Updates, Holiday Messages, or any other ideas that strike your fancy but just have never had the opportunity to be executed are all possible.

Unfortunately, the “Safety Message” videos are no longer available. Check back here in the future for updates should others become available.

Safety Message Videos

These safety videos that were inspired by actual events are no longer available for viewing.
Syrinx Desktop Wallpaper Images
The images we use in our words illustrations are available for use as desktop wallpaper images.


Syrinx Font
Download and use the Syrinx font today. This True Type Font was designed for use as a large size font of 24 points or more.
It is intended to be used as ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or as all small letters.
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