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Frequently Asked Questions and Other Questions of Note

Why would we contract Syrinx if we can already utilize examples on your webpage?
If the solution to an issue can already be found from within the examples provided on our webpage then great!

At Syrinx we would prefer to be the chosen company for being able to provide people where there is an immediate need to fulfill vacancies or difficult roles that are presenting hurdles to projects or organizations. The examples provided are to illustrate some of the extra capabilities and experience that our people bring with them. Many of the examples are a by-product of our involvement with projects and organizations and a result extra to the contributions expected when our people are contracted to fulfill a role. There may come a time when the solution to overcoming a hurdle may not be so readily apparent from the examples provided but is still readily available by contracting our services.

We encourage companies to refer back to our webpage and see if updates to our provided examples can address the issue at hand and if not to contact us and see where we can help.
Some of the examples provided seem to indicate an actual deliverable for implementation. Is it still necessary for us to contract a person if all we require is the deliverable as described by the example?
Nope! You are not required to contract any of our people to utilize our products that are for immediate implementation!

The situations to which the question pertains can readily be handled by Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. as a "deliverable" product for immediate implementation. As described, these situations are outliers to regular operating procedures. When a situation is dire it's good to know that there are solutions to overcome those obstacles in an immediate fashion.

Quite often these deliverables can be handled remotely which speeds up the exchange of information and the receipt of the product for implementation.
If we have had success with a particular individual in the past will we be able to utilize that individual again? Can we request specific people based on past experience?
Of course! It is also in our best interest to maintain the best possible relationship with our clients at all times.

Now, having said that, there may be occasions where demands on our people do not make it possible for them to be available all the time, at any time, for all time. Syrinx strives to be the company that can provide “on demand” services but even at that the dictates of the real world still rule the roost (we can’t clone our people, for example). Should our people not be available, for whatever reason, we will strive to accommodate in the best possible manner.

We are confident in our people and endeavour to also instill that same confidence in our people to our clients.
Can Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. provide a complete multi-discipline engineering team to execute projects?
One would expect us to field this question with the answer "Yes". However, that really isn't our business model or practice.

Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. specializes in providing one or two individuals (in some cases a few individuals) to fulfill specific roles and functions that generally seem to be difficult to satisfy by other means. There are other companies that can provide the complete EPC services for executing projects. We do have solid relationships with some of these other firms.

If the situation is such that a more full service multi-discipline project team is required, Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. will work with our clients to utilize a different firm. There is no contractual obligation in these discussions. We simply get the ball rolling and allow our clients to proceed in a manner of their choosing to be able to execute their projects.
How did Syrinx come up with the words they used in the "Who We Are" section?
The words are used to illustrate some of the more common hurdles that projects and organizations encounter but are not easily explained.

We have identified aspects of project execution that we have encountered that sometimes prevent a project or an organization from being able to function at full effectiveness. We make a point of noting these aspects so that we also don't fall into that behaviour. The points are illustrated in a manner that has a lasting impact and by that very nature is a catalyst for beneficial change.

Plus it's also a way to have some fun.

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