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Some Examples
Commissioning Sheets For Facility Start-Up And Maintenance
Some of our clients are engaged in designing, constructing, and operating large and complex facilities that are a combination of both legacy design and legacy equipment as well as new design, new functionality, and new equipment. Generally, much of the engineering and design is managed and accomplished within the confines of EPC companies. However, at times there are aspects of implementation and commissioning and start-up that require design and engineering efforts on site. Our clients want to ensure a quality product from inception, through design, to completion and we deal with requests to help them manage the quality aspects of commissioning and start-up for their field technicians and engineers. Primarily these tend to be focused on maintaining accurate records of installation, calibration, and maintenance for equipment and instruments.

There are plenty of resources available in office environments but the availability of resources is not as plentiful way out in the field. Sometimes the only functionality available in remote locations is basic word processing and basic spreadsheet applications residing on laptop and desktop computers. So requirements for pieces of equipment that already exist in various Equipment Lists and Instrument Indexes are also required for as-yet-to-be-determined instruments in the field.

One of our solutions that has been implemented quite often is to provide individual Excel® spreadsheet files of one sheet each representing a “Commissioning Sheet” for each piece of equipment. A sheet that can be printed to fit into a binder for record keeping and can be saved electronically and copied and modified for future and similar instruments. Our ability is most valuable when the requirement to produce large volumes of commissioning sheets (such as a few thousand instruments) exists for immediate (same day or next day) turnaround.

We create commissioning sheets for every instrument in the instrument index and each sheet is populated with information directly from the Instrument Index - electronically and in printed form. We do not impact the instrument index nor do we impact the application package used for developing the instrument index. We utilized existing office software (it does not have to be Excel®).

This is one of our more requested deliverables when we are involved with oil and gas projects.

PDF - 57 pages
Feel free to peek through a sample set of our commissioning sheets to get an idea of what can be implemented. It may give you an idea as to how to implement your own solution or to contact us for assistance in implementing something in a similar fashion - especially if there is an immediate requirement for delivery.

Complete Re-Design Required For Immediate Implementation
On occasion we have been approached to be involved in a project that requires implementing a solution immediately. Quite often in these situations our clients are under a time constraint with significant negative impacts. They require a quality solution that not only satisfies their immediate requirement but also one that will not impact other aspects of the project. A couple of examples of situations where this has occurred are of the following themes:

  • Due to a change in the execution of the project (such as a result of a merger or acquisition) there may be a necessary requirement to completely re-design a control panel for the project with a rapidly approaching on stream date. If the necessary engineering resources are not available to accomplish the task in a short time frame (read immediate) then the project gets delayed. At Syrinx we will use the already produced documents and drawing packages of the project (such as P&IDs and project specifications) and will produce a new control panel layout for the designers to implement in their Computer Assisted Design system of choice. They can then immediately begin producing Issued For Fabrication drawings and procuring new equipment.

  • A late change in the design scope of a project can alter the way a facility is to operate. This may require a completely new direction in operating and a new and completely different shutdown philosophy. This situation can be made even worse if the project is already well into construction and commissioning. In these cases where an immediate requirement to implement a new shutdown philosophy exists, we are able to provide programming code for the new shutdown philosophy for the programmer or for the field to implement almost as soon as the shutdown key is published IFC.

Fortunately, these situations and occasions rarely occur. But when they do occur they can bring about feelings of dread with an almost insurmountable burden to overcome. Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. is well-suited to assist in these types of emergencies.

Other Tools And Resources
Here are some Excel® tools immediately available to assist with your projects.

 A Cause and Effect Key (or Shutdown Key) that employs the Ribbon toolbar. 

There may be instances where an equation to better represent an installed valve is preferable to best fit slope equations. In our experience fourth order equations can pretty much handle any type of real world behaviour. We have provided an example of using the least squares method to generate a fourth-order equation to represent a valve (or anything that exists as an X-Y graph, for that matter).

The only inputs required are the various flow versus open-percentage data points (set the valve at a desired position and record the flow). You can also use characteristic data points provided by the manufacturer. 
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