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Quality Assurance

Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. is a consulting enterprise that provides a wide variety of services for its clients. Services range in scope from initial conception through detail design and ultimately towards Issued for Construction, Fabrication, or Application Release and our services are contracted through a variety of industries. While different industries have their unique requirements and expectations for services offered, there are synergies that can be leveraged between differing industries. Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. has as one of its core capabilities the ability to leverage expertise from various industries and apply them as necessary when performing the roles and services for which they are contracted.

Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. adheres to the contracts for which they have entered and project specific scopes of work and activity are not put at risk with the utilization of expertise from other industries. The infrastructure at hand (hardware and software and networking) is utilized according to each clients specific needs and requirements. However, if an opportunity is present that can improve the systems and processes in place because of the expertise available we will communicate such opportunities to our clients. Any acceptance or rejection of possibilities for improvement will be in accordance to the decision making process already in effect with each of our clients.

Quite often the ability to enhance existing systems and processes occurs when timing of situations is such that people with the requisite expertise also happen to be contracted under a different scenario. At heart is the foundation of maintaining a seamless integration and avoiding the pitfalls of disruption. Should an opportunity arise for which extra effort will be required that has not originally been identified by the client, Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. will inform the client of such an opportunity. At that point the client contracting Syrinx for services can decide their future course of action which could include contracting a different organization to address the opportunity. Projects will always carry forward as intended and for which we have been contracted. Opportunities for improvement that are, by their nature, simple and easy to implement because of the expertise of our people will be done without impact to the project and without contributing to extra scope. These improvements are presented without prejudice and free of any obligation. Our clients can reap the benefits our expertise brings to the table and can deploy any and all improvements throughout their organization in whatever manner they choose.

Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. recognizes the importance of privacy and protection of propriety information. Syrinx will not publish nor share any information of a private or a propriety nature with other clients or people. Information that will be published or shared with the public undergoes a rigorous quality review to ensure complete anonymity so as not to identify any specific client, company, person or project. While specifics or projects and situations can be described, they won’t be so exactingly detailed as to be able to instantly identify our clients. If it can not be possible to publish information such that anonymity cannot be ensured, the information will not be published. Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. will continue to build its repertoire of experience and capability to maintain competence and relevance it just will not do so by compromising the integrity of our relationships with our clients.
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