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Success Comes From Being Involved And Working With Our Clients

Our Expertise Is Multiple Skills Not Multiple People
Syrinx Enterprises Ltd. is uniquely positioned to satisfy the temporary demands that are placed on our clients from time to time.

This may simply be due to the unfortunate timing of certain projects and the necessary people are not available to see the project through to completion.

It may also be in time-critical matters where a solution needs to be implemented immediately and there is no one else who can do it.

Or it may be because a troubleshooter is required to be able to navigate through an issue that exists because of the complexity of too many cogs in the machine.
We satisfy the niche where the expertise required is varied and the skills necessary are many but not so much that a budget is busted by having many people thrown at it.
Foundations And Expertise

Where outside expertise is initially not required it will always be available and will be utilized should it end up being useful.
Integration With Existing IT Infrastructure
Our clients have generally made significant investments in software, hardware, and IT departments. We recognize the value of those investments and will function within that environment. We do not impose further enterprise packages, software, or applications but rather work within the constructs of the computer and network infrastructure that exist. This may be as simple as forms for use in streamlining the enterprise (whether embedded or used as necessary), or programming/scripting in the applications already on desktops and used every day by the people of the office.

  • We work closely with IT departments to ensure compliance with the rules and security already established.

  • We work closely with the end users to ensure what we do is justified and applicable.

This comes as a natural extension of our contributions to the company regardless of the role we are required to fulfill.
Think of us as managers, business people, and engineers that are also end users; and as end users that are also programmers.
Seamless Integration

We respect the investment organizations have made in their systems and processes. Disruption is not godd for business.
Existing Business Processes And Execution Of Activities
Our clients have established business processes and a method of execution of activities essential to their operations and management of day-to-day affairs. When contracted to fulfill a role within our client's offices we subscribe to the already established processes and protocols of the business. This allows for a seamless integration into the environment and with the people with whom we will be required to interact.

We view such contracts as opportunities to provide services and utilize our expertise to avoid hurdles in the day-to-day operations of businesses or to remove hurdles that may otherwise be hampering the effectiveness and execution of activities.

  • Projects continue to progress and flourish.

  • Business continues to function and thrive.
We enact change only when change is necessary. Sometimes the only change required is a different set of eyes.
Client Representatives (In House or Remote)
The current nature of many businesses and enterprises is to contract other firms to engineer or develop projects. Given our extensive experience in the many facets and aspects of business we are well positioned to act as client representatives on projects or alliance endeavours.

Oftentimes the burden of overseeing complex or large projects or an alliance of many smaller projects is prefered to be handled by someone not involved in the normal operations of the business, itself. As client representatives we can also function in roles as project managers, project engineers, developers, or even as specific engineering disciplines.

We ensure the integrity and scope of the projects are maintained as well as providing a reliable conduit of communication and decision-making between the owner and those contracted to bring the projects to successful conclusions. Quite often we will be required to function seamlessly between different business processes or business cycles through no fault of the individual businesses themselves. It's a necessity of the complex business environments that exist today.
Navigating the decision process isn't subscribing to the axiom that things aren't always black and white but are differing shades of gray - it is in knowing the difference between an absence of light or the inclusion of all of the colors of light.
Iinternational Clients and Remote Involvement
International clients may find it beneficial to have remote support for projects and the reasons for this could be that:

  • The projects are being executed remotely (where we are) to take advantage of the expertise that exists and they want us to act as client representatives for them,

  • The projects require our contribution due to our expertise in specific areas and we work remotely to maximize efficiency and effectiveness,

  • The projects, themselves, will be deployed remotely (where we are) and they want our involvement to ensure things function smoothly.

There are many aspects of technology that will permit us to contribute remotely. While this could be strictly to fulfill a designated role it could also be as a specific deliverable incorporating development and design.

Our ability to work remotely isn't reserved only for international clients. Many businesses may find it advantageous to employ our services remotely - especially for specific issues requiring immediate resolution and turnaround.
Computers can do complicated things that started from simple programs; they are a magnificent tool for the realization of complex designs and projects. But it is the human spark of ingenuity and understanding that allows us to progress.
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